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A Matchmaker that is jewish Whose Led Hundreds Down the Aisle

A Matchmaker that is jewish Whose Led Hundreds Down the Aisle

PITTSBURGH — When I moved into Tova Weinberg’s house that is large into the Squirrel Hill community of Pittsburgh, she looked me personally up and down and asked, “Are you Jewish?” we told her I was. “Are you married?” Yes, we said.

That has been, evidently, the incorrect response. She wrinkled her nose and stated, in a disappointed tone, “Oh, OKAY Never mind.”

I experienced simply been sized up, then dismissed, as being a possible match. Ms. Weinberg, 60, is amongst the country’s top Jewish matchmakers. a dentist by training, she sometime ago gave up that profession on her calling that is full-time as shadchen, to utilize the Hebrew and Yiddish term for starters who makes shidduchs, or matches.

At any moment, Ms. Weinberg gets the names of “hundreds, perhaps thousands” of single Jews bouncing around inside her head, and over time she’s got introduced “about 250” couples who went on to have hitched. That isn’t including people who met on line at, the matchmaking website she aided discovered.

Raised in Detroit, Ms. Weinberg made her first match as a young girl in ny, where her mom had recommended that she proceed to find a mate.