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Natsu stages in advising the woman to leave it to them

Natsu stages in advising the woman to leave it to them

With tears inside her vision and you will a slight blush, Natsu meets their temple so you’re able to hers if you are thanking the lady for offering them future

When they defeat the fresh Garou knights and you can restart their browse searching for an escape, they satisfy a great cloaked profile, whom sobs and you can asks these to provide the woman its strength. New cloaked shape is actually shown as Lucy on the upcoming, and you can she collapses ahead of him or her, and this later on Natsu chooses to bring her with these people. When she awakens, she informs the group one to an excellent herd off 10,000 dragons was in fact likely to attack Fiore and she wonders in the event the anybody create question this lady premonition, that Natsu responses the lady that no one create question the new words taken from Lucy’s throat, ultimately causing the lady so you can blush. Once the future Lucy demonstrates to you to your classification how it happened in her own timeline and you may what will happen inside the within their schedule, Lucy says you to definitely she showed up without the course of action and one she does not know very well what otherwise to complete.

Because the Lucy discusses by herself which have an excellent blanket, she highlights that all brand new dragons try good, and gets distressed thinking about exactly how she possess nearly come drank

Later, she requires the group courtesy an underground passing in which it deal with out of with many guards of your Regal Armed forces, and also the Garou Knights again. Only next, a shade swallows the opponents when you’re Lucy and also the rest of the team stands here inside the shock. Men following looks in advance of her or him, stating that he or she is new Rogue regarding future and this he emerged right here to help you destroy a person who create hinder the hole of your own Eclipse gate, that was the secret to conquering the newest ten,100 dragons. This individual exactly who added the country so you can exhaustion is actually defined as the one and only Lucy herself. Rogue lashes aside during the their while the Natsu cries to have their pal. Lucy’s future equal jumps facing this lady, acting as a human secure and you may securing Lucy throughout the assault. Whether or not gravely wounded and in the middle of her grieving family relations, she tells her or him one to she actually is maybe not using this day, including the world, and this the new Lucy in this world perform continue life style towards the along with her loved ones. Upcoming Lucy upcoming asks this lady establish care about to show the lady the new guild mark-on the girl right hand. Observing one upcoming Lucy had lost the girl best sleeve, Natsu pursed their mouth when he remembered committed when Lucy with pride presented your this lady Fairy Tail guild mark. Future Lucy produces a statement about how precisely she try happy that she met with the chance to find men and women once again and just how she desired to go on even more escapades. She next proceeds to share with Natsu to protect the long run ahead of dying. Angered because of the death of her future notice, Lucy argues that have Rogue regarding the the lady upcoming strategies. Just as he was about to lash out various other attack, Natsu punches your which have rips flowing off his cheek, saying that no one would steal Lucy’s future and that he promises to guard it. The guy informs Lucy to go out of, although she protests just before Loke pulls the lady away, informing her to depart it so you can Natsu. While they run-down the latest hallway, Lucy turns when deciding to take a glance at their friend again, in advance of vanishing out of sight. Since Natsu’s struggle with tomorrow Rogue continues on, the guy informs your which he stole something dear so you can your ahead of their sight and therefore their way of securing tomorrow is shitty and they was indeed planning cover it their own way.

A bit later on, Lucy try stripped naked and you may nearly eaten of the dragon, Zirconis. Mirajane and you will Wendy assault, causing a mad Zirconis to help you put Lucy across the Crocus. Flying through the sky, Lucy injuries into Natsu as he fights upcoming Rogue, sending him or her each other toppling from the dragon and getting them during the a church bell. Just like the a few maneuver around making an application for Natsu away from Lucy’s naked mode, it result in the bell so you’re able to teeter and you may slip where they are located, crashing them with the soil. Telling Natsu not to ever look, Natsu hastily grabs Lucy’s boobs to attempt to security him or her off his sight, and therefore simply insults the lady more and she punches your. Far to the girl next pity, Happier happens together with her techniques, teasing both. Natsu however, instantly smiles, and you will, grabbing the girl (putting some blanket slide), gleefully states you to definitely she’s helped your to bring about a strategy to defeat brand new dragons. Once the Natsu and Delighted take off employing means in your mind, it exit Lucy behind because she grabbed too much time discovering this lady dress regarding Virgo. Lucy comments, proclaiming that he is moved and you may done it now by coming that have a ridiculous method, however, she states one to he’s going to figure anything aside just like the that’s Natsu. Virgo butts when you look at the and claims your a few did display a good naked accept together, although not Lucy says that is not it.

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