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These Represent The Celebrities Nick Jonas Dated Before He Married Priyanka Chopra

These Represent The Celebrities Nick Jonas Dated Before He Married Priyanka Chopra

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra formally tied the knot only a week ago and had two wedding receptions in India on together with entire thing appeared to be a real-life fairytale.

The couple had a fairly whirlwind romance and had gotten engaged after simply 8 weeks of online dating. Just a five-month wedding afterwards, the two caused it to be on the section and had gotten hitched.

The couple was lovable with each other, so it is simple to skip the well-known exes Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra met up. Very lets take you down memory space way please remember all of the random, greatest flings Nick Jonas has had inside the twenty five years on the planet.

The previous Jonas Brothers associate and Camp stone celebrity spent some time working his means around the Disney routine and was once connected to fellow Disney station movie stars Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. Additionally, it looks like Nick Jonas provides anything for older lady aˆ“ Priyanka is actually 11 age their older, and then heis also outdated more lady with significant era differences. A source even told folks that «Nick enjoys internet dating elderly females».

Have a look at every superstars your artist and previous Disney Superstar outdated before Nick Jonas turned into a married man to Priyanka Chopra.

Kendall Jenner

Random because it’s, Nick Jonas was once linked to the Kardashian/Jenner clan. In 2015 whenever his uncle, Joe Jonas, got internet dating unit Gigi Hadid, resources advised all of us Weekly that Nick Jonas and Kendall Jenner comprise also witnessing both.

Kendall’s closest friend Gigi reportedly put the pair of them upwards. But the romance ended up being never affirmed by either celebration.

Miley Cyrus

Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus outdated for nearly 24 months during their primary Disney decades as well as their relationship screamed Disney station purpose. Followers are seriously obsessed with all of them collectively. They first started dating in 2006 whenever they had been best 13-years-old but separated at the conclusion of 2007, based on me Weekly.

They have even used their romance as inspiration for their music aˆ“ Miley Cyrus’s «7 Things» was about their relationship plus the Jonas Brother’s song «Wedding Bells» was about the Hannah Montana star.

Selena Gomez

Nick Jonas managed to move on to a different Disney superstar after the guy and Miley Cyrus broke up. He began dating Selena Gomez in 2008 nevertheless they merely lasted several months. They called it quits in 2009, and shortly reunited the year after this season, but once again it wasn’t for very long.

There was clearly even some admiration triangle drama between Cyrus, Gomez and Jonas. In 2016, Selena Gomez addressed the love triangle in a job interview with W mag. «We never ever feuded. We both appreciated exactly the same guy as soon as we happened to be 16. It had been simply a Hilary Duffaˆ“Lindsay Lohan thing: ‘Oh, my personal goodness, we love the same child!’,» mentioned the former Wizards of Waverly Place star. «the audience is today entirely decided inside our very own schedules».

Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo, aka the former Miss world, was certainly one of Nick Jonas’s longtime girlfriends. The two dated for nearly 2 years before calling it quits in 2016. Relating to E! using the internet, cross country ended up being the main reason for his or her separation.

«This has started a delicate question and each of them still love and care about each other and simply wish the best for one another,» an insider advised E! using the internet. «The long distance and downs and ups happen evaluating from the a couple of them lately and it has maybe not started effortless however they know this is basically the top decision for them at the moment.»

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is one of the more mature lady that Nick dated before Priyanka. The celebrity is 14 yrs old than this Jonas bro. Both hooked up in and continued to casually date for several period after, relating to me Weekly. Nick was even inquired about their unique connection and whether or not they experienced sex in an interview with specialized in .

«Kate’s amazing. We’d a great connections as two people who just respect reasons for having each other, to discover one thing in each other that is stunning,» said the singer. «away from my personal best energy to admire the woman and her confidentiality, I’m not going to state if we had gender or perhaps not. But we did bring an attractive link». Kate Hudson’s mom Goldie Hawn also verified their own commitment and known as your a «very wonderful guy, a good person», based on MEN AND WOMEN.

Lily Collins

Nick Jonas dated British actress and design Lily Collins for a little in 2016 after Kate Hudson. The artist even confirmed themselves the two was indeed on dates with each other, in accordance with the Mirror.

«We went a couple of times. She is incredible,» mentioned Jonas concerning the really love, Rosie actress. «we known each other for a long time, only operating in the same groups». However, it showed up that connection had not been serious because following the interview ended up being out, the performer tweeted that he was actually single, in accordance with the routine post.

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